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Rosie Coyote: The Book

Rosie Coyote Book Cover

$14.95 plus S&H

W bookhen I began this adventure I had no idea it would become such a large part of my life. I did, however, keep a record of the whole process, which resulted in this book .

It is a recounting of her capture and rehabilitation , the results of her rehabilitation and, most important, what was learned by becoming involved with a small coyote named Rosie. It involves a crew of volunteers that rival M.A.S.H. and a coyote that was smarter than all of us who brought our community together in a positive way we could've never imagined.

Our entire community learned some valuable lessons from Rosie. I wrote this book to pass on those lessons and possibly change a few perceptions about how we interact with the animals we live with.

Meeting Rosie turned me (and many of my neighbors) into advocates for coyotes, which in turn made us advocates for all animals and our environment. Besides, it’s a great story that will make you smile. Rosie is quite an animal, as you will find out.

I hope you enjoy the book, but most of all; I hope it inspires other communities to look at their environment and their neighbors with a more positive and better informed viewpoint. We’re all in this together.

Chalk one up for the animals,
Skip Haynes


“Waiting For Rosie” is available now for pre-order. Delivery in three to four weeks.

Preview the first 10 pages of Waiting for Rosie

Waiting for Rosie

It’s 6:00 a.m.

I’m sitting in my truck staked out in front of a driveway on Ridpath Drive in Laurel Canyon.

I’ve been doing this for weeks.

The engine is off and all the windows are open.

The sun hasn’t risen over the hill yet so it’s still cold at the bottom of the canyon where I’m parked.

My cameras, logbook and walkie-talkie are on the passenger’s seat next to me.

There’s a baggie full of cubed flank steak on the console.

It’s very quiet – not even the dogs are barking.

I know she’ll be here if I wait long enough.

I’m not waiting for a burglar or straying spouse.

I’m waiting for a coyote.

A coyote named Rosie.

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copyright © 2010 Skip Haynes